250GB Aura Pro 6G – Macbook Air 2012



250GB Aura Pro 6G

SSD / Flash Internal Drive Upgrade

for 2012 Macbook Air

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Product Description

Designed for Mac
Once again, OWC provides Mac users an upgrade path that delivers phenomenal performance, functionality, and reliability! Whether it's for the base 11" model only offering a 64GB SSD or the base 13" model offering just a 128GB SSD, installing an Aura Pro 6G SSD is the best enhancement for the 2012 MacBook Air. Just like other OWC upgrades, we include a free 'how-to' video to make this an easy and money-saving DIY upgrade.
More Speed, More Capacity for MacBook Air
OWC Aura Pro SSDs provide a noticeable increase in performance over the factory SSDs for all MacBook Air models:Increase capacity up to 16x the 11-inch base model
Increase capacity up to 8x the 13-inch base model
Get write speeds up to 495MB/s, 27% faster than factory original*
Get read speeds up to 530MB/s, 9.5% faster than factory original*

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